Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting Clobbered By Bad Weather? 10 Things to Remember

Yet another snow story as more than 60% of the US is covered in the stuff.  Here's 10 things to remember:

  1. Beware carbon monoxide poisoning, it can kill you
  2. And so can suffocation (a la avalanches, etc)
  3. Be prepared for power outages of indeterminate length
  4. Road conditions are treacherous
  5. And there are shortages (of road salt, propane, and natural gas)
  6. Cold weather increases the chances of house fires (and seriously impedes response)
  7. And it is even worse if your area is not used to very bad weather
  8. Chain reaction accidents are common in this weather
  9. And you aren't even safe from delays if you are flying
  10. No matter what you are doing during the storm, remember to stay safe

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