Thursday, June 21, 2018

10 Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

Exercise for preppers is important for a couple of reasons.  First, it can reduce you risk of a variety of health problems, and second, it can help you physically respond to a disaster.  Here are ten simple ways to add exercise to your day:

  1. Leave some hand weights on the table and do ten reps before each meal.
  2. Stretch each morning while watching the news.
  3. Take a walk around the neighborhood before breakfast.
  4. Take a walk around your work site after lunch.
  5. Skip rope for ten minutes before dinner.
  6. Do some sort of calisthenics each day--10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, etc.
  7. Do a handstand/headstand each day (up against the wall if necessary).
  8. Play a Wii fitness game with the kids after dinner.
  9. Stand up during commercials when you are watching TV in the evening and do some leg lifts/balance exercises.
  10. Stretch each night before bed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

10 Things to Have on Hand at All Times

The extended family has been dealing with crisis after crisis recently including a heart attack followed by open heart surgery, an arrest (which is heading for trial and most likely prison), a death, an emergency trip overseas...there's probably more but they escape me right now.  In nearly all of these cases, being proactive can alleviate some of the problem by being prepared ahead of time.  Ten things you want to always have on hand to deal with a crisis include:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A Will, Living Will, and Medical Power of Attorney.
  3. An emergency fund (the more cash you can lay your hands on the better).
  4. Insurance (health, auto, home, life, and long term care).
  5. A Bug Out Bag (or at least a packed overnight bag).
  6. Transportation (valid driver's license, insurance, and a vehicle).
  7. Paid days off to take care of yourself or an ill relative (either paid time off from your job, sick leave, or self-funded days off).
  8. Someone to help you (lawyer, CPA, care giver, friend...people who can help you out during a crisis are invaluable).
  9. All of your important files and personal information at your fingertips (aka on your cell phone).
  10. Knowledge.  Learn how to respond to any kind of crisis whether medical, legal, logistical, financial, etc.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Fall of...America?

According to the news, our government is a hot mess.  Ripping children out of the arms of their mothers, a president who appears to be teetering on the edge of criminal charges, the negative news never stops.  And then I came across this article about the eight reasons Rome fell and, well, it seems pretty prophetic.  According to the article, the great Roman Empire fell because...

  1. Invasions by Barbarian Tribes.
  2. Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor.
  3. The rise of the Eastern Empire.
  4. Over-expansion and military overspending.
  5. Government corruption and political instability.
  6. The arrival of the Huns and migration of the Barbarian Tribes.
  7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values.
  8. Weakening of the Roman Legions.
If you give the article a quick read thru you will notice quite a few similarities to our current situation in the US.  And while the fall of Rome was not quick--it actually took hundreds of years--it looks like our country is on the downward slide.  Very sad.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Daily Preparedness Tip: Keep Up With Your Medical and Dental Care

A common question on many prepper boards is "what do I do for medical or dental care after a SHTF event?"  Obviously if you are injured in said event, you will need to seek medical care however possible that may be.  But for run of the mill medical or dental issues, consider that many problems after a SHTF event can be averted simply by taking care of your medical and dental health before said event.  By getting your teeth cleaned every six months and problems fixed when they are small (ie: getting a filling instead of waiting until you need a root canal and crown), the probability of needing major dental work right after a SHTF event will be very low.  Ditto medical issues that you can fix but tend to put off (ie: lose weight, stay fit, eat healthy, lower your blood pressure and blood glucose levels naturally, etc).

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

A quick post to say Happy Father's Day to all you dads (and dad substitutes) out there.  Dads are of critical importance to their families, they teach boys how to become men and their daughters to become strong women, and they lead their families through good times and bad.  For all of the disparagement that dads face in our society, their role is vital when it comes to strengthening their families, communities, and the nation as a whole.  So here is a thank you to all of the men out there who fulfill the role of father--to their own kids or to other kids--on this holiday.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Keep These Containers on Hand

Containers are, well, used to contain things.  And unless you are doing a specific task you may not consider the usefulness of having a range of containers on hand.  Have some of these containers on hand to use in case of emergency:

  • Ziploc bags of all sizes
  • Plastic trash bags of all sizes
  • Gas cans
  • Water storage containers
  • Collapsible water storage containers
  • Buckets
  • Food-grade plastic buckets
  • Food storage container sets
  • Large plastic storage bins
  • Empty boxes
  • 32 gallon garbage cans
  • Plastic dish pans

Friday, June 15, 2018

Daily Preparedness Tip: Carry a Map In Your Vehicle

I can't remember the last time I pulled out an actual map to figure out how to get somewhere but it is a good idea to carry good (paper) maps in your vehicle.  For times when your cell phone doesn't get a signal, your GPS device doesn't get a signal, or there is some issue with what your GPS is telling you to do (like take a sharp turn off a bridge...they've been known to do that occasionally) having a map on hand will help you figure out where you are going sans technology.