Friday, September 21, 2007

DPT--10 Things to Have in Your Escape Kit

Sometimes a person just needs to escape. Whether from a psychotic ex, a psychotic boss or a middling life of boredom, you should always have your "Escape Kit" at hand. Here's a short list of what you should have:
  1. Your BOB. You can always buy specific items that you need when you get to where you are going.
  2. Cash. Lots of cash.
  3. Your documents (ie: passport, vaccination card, etc).
  4. Food and water--it may be a while before you get to your destination.
  5. A plausible excuse for leaving if needed (depending on how many bridges you want to burn).
  6. A portable source of income if you will be gone for an extended length of time.
  7. A plan (pre-planned not an after thought). How will you get to the airport? What will you do with your home? Do you need a house sitter? Will you cancel unneeded home services? Do you have a destination in mind? Who do you tell where you are going and who don't you tell?
  8. A way to evaluate why it is you had to escape and a way to deal with the issues that drove you to this decision.
  9. A spouse, children or friend if applicable and, of course, their BOBs and documents.
  10. A re-entry plan.

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